Ode to Taiwan

I breathe you in…
Heat rises up from the sidewalk to greet
Statues covered in taxi fumes
Watching the world go by from an air conditioned bus

I breathe you in…
101 rises, majestic, visible everywhere
Crabs scuttle along the shore at low tide on the Danshui river
The crowds at the night market, pure entertainment

I breathe you in…
The surprising sight of dogs in baby carriages, on scooters
The smell of chou dofu and BBQ’d meats
Few trash containers, plenty of safety and patience

I breathe you in…
Chanting at the temple Thursday mornings
Around every corner a surprise
Walls of green, aqua water, unlucky four

I breathe you in…
Seemingly random celebrations
A sea of umbrellas and masks
Is possible be cheaper a little?

I breathe you in…
Ghosts haunt the alleys and lanes
Genuine joy on wrinkled faces
Waves of love

I breathe you in…
Products wrapped in paper, served up with a smile.
Why, oh giant Ferris wheels?
I see it all with new eyes.

I breathe Taipei in and exhale lightness.

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