Taiwan dental arts

I got a recommendation to a dentist from several reliable sources, set up an appointment, and showed up, expecting the usual stressful experience. Was I ever surprised! Despite the language barrier, I was in the waiting room less than 5 minutes before being ushered into the x-ray room. No gagging on those horrid bite wings (shudder), no drool dripping down my chin (so not dignified) while the tech maneuvers the x-ray device. Nope, none of that stuff! This time I was outfitted with an x-ray deflecting gown, asked to step up to a small plastic bite plate and close my eyes. A soothing machine voice spoke to me in ENGLISH and in less than a minute my panoramic x-rays were done! No pain, no fuss. Now that’s the way dental diagnostics should be. The dentist turned out to have a gentle manner and even speaks and understands English. He (not a hygienist) cleaned my teeth and showed me, based on the x-rays, what word was needed and what my options were. Fast, simple, respectful. The cost for my initial visit: 100NT (3.00US). Amazing!

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