6:16pm earthquake #3

This one was a BIG one – at least it SOUNDED like it. I could hear (and feel) the apartment building moving and the windows buckle.  The shaking kept up for only a few minutes. Odd, these ‘quakes feel…more personal. I’ve experienced others in the US but these (in Taiwan) are close. I mean, this isn’t a big island and we are sitting smack dab on a fault, with a huge drop-off shelf off of the east coast so it’s to be expected. Still, talking about it and living it are two different things. It makes me wonder what sort of natural disasters are in store for us in 2012…

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  1. Aron
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 09:38:29

    I was walking outside when this happened and did not even notice it at the time. Give it time, and you will get used to them.


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