Earthquakes, typhoons, and floods – oh my!

This week started off with a bang – literally! At 5am I was awoken by the building shaking and swaying and the sounds of, well of a 6.0 earthquake!

It lasted about a minute but seemed longer. And all week, we’ve had after-shocks and a few more tremblers. (You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a ‘quake on the top floor of a 20-story building.) I’m told this is normal for this region: I’ve experienced more earth-shaking in this past week than in the past year! Maybe there’s an earthquake “season”?

Then of course, on Monday, at 2am, the torrential rains started. And I mean TORRENTIAL! So much so that suddenly, my outside wall was leaking water – and “little Lake Tong Hua” was forming in my bedrooms. Needless to say, it was not a restful night. Between the sheets of driving rain and the howling wind, they cancelled work – of course only after I’d arrived. LOL

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  1. Suzi Kamin
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 01:15:36

    Wow. Sure is more exciting then Tallahassee. Thank you for the card, it was so sweet of you. Actually my demise I hope has been stalled and I am slowly gaining inner health again! I have several more tests and scans to ensure I am getting healthy, but I am now on the sunny side. 6.0 earthquake on 20th floor and monsoon season, well – stay safe and dry. You can always flee back here to sea level, at least we know the hurricanes are coming well in advance. Read your blog all the time. Miss you, Suzi


  2. Suzi Kamin
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 01:18:34

    I love the stones. Such ancient art in modern times with symbols! I love rocks I collect them where ever I go. Thinking of you. Suzi


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