Another storm system on the way…

Everyone is bracing for what the locals call “super” typhoon – meaning super dangerous (winds approaching 100mph and rainfall of biblical proportions) and two of them overlapped, heading straight for us. Wellcome shelves are becoming bare as everyone stocks up on edible provisions – at the same time. It’s due to hit sometime this Thursday, so tomorrow will be crazy busy at work; we won’t be able to make it into the office when the typhoon hits. (This is definitely one of those times I’m glad I’m on the 4th floor and that my apartment’s waterproofing finally got fixed!) Stay tuned, and send dry thoughts our way!

Typhoon Saola

We knew it was coming. It was all over the news. By Wednesday afternoon we were told that if she struck, we’d have a day off work on Thursday. At 1755 they told us to vacate the building. I had tickets to see Dark Knight at the Viewshow (vee-shoe) near Taipei City Hall that evening and I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a typhoon stop me! It started to rain as I left work so I took a taxi to the theater complex and met a friend for dinner – California Pizza Kitchen, go figure! After the movie (just as dark as the title implies) I thought I’d find a cab home. Guess everyone else had that same thought as we all got pounded by driving rain and strong winds. I finally gave up on the umbrella and sloshed my way over to the W hotel, to wait in line with everyone else waiting for a cab. By the time I arrived I was literally soaking wet. It was pretty hilarious, although the girls in short skirts and heels couldn’t understand why I was laughing (partly at their weather-inappropriate get ups and partly at my own dripping wet state).

One cool thing about waiting in lines in Taipei: you always meet the most interesting people! This time, I met three people from Hong Kong who told me they were “criminals”! Actually they work for Red Robot Labs on a game called “Life is Crime”! Now I’m literally (and virtually) a “typhoon gurl”!

Taipei Typhoon Gurl


In remembrance of my dear friend Ambrose, I decided to have a local artist create a more lasting momento: a tattoo.

I threw a “Tattoo and Pizza Party” and friends from work brought salad, chicken (for the meat eaters), and cheesecake (I provided the pizza).  Afterwards, we walked over to the tattoo parlor adjacent to the Tong Hua night market where “Queen” sketched up some ideas that would fit my current body art (and would complement it and not be readily visible when I wear a t-shirt). After agreeing on a design, a Taiwanese co-worker haggled with Queen over the price. The final cost: 3000NT (<100USD).  I love the result; see for yourself!

2 hours later…

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