Typhoon Saola

We knew it was coming. It was all over the news. By Wednesday afternoon we were told that if she struck, we’d have a day off work on Thursday. At 1755 they told us to vacate the building. I had tickets to see Dark Knight at the Viewshow (vee-shoe) near Taipei City Hall that evening and I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a typhoon stop me! It started to rain as I left work so I took a taxi to the theater complex and met a friend for dinner – California Pizza Kitchen, go figure! After the movie (just as dark as the title implies) I thought I’d find a cab home. Guess everyone else had that same thought as we all got pounded by driving rain and strong winds. I finally gave up on the umbrella and sloshed my way over to the W hotel, to wait in line with everyone else waiting for a cab. By the time I arrived I was literally soaking wet. It was pretty hilarious, although the girls in short skirts and heels couldn’t understand why I was laughing (partly at their weather-inappropriate get ups and partly at my own dripping wet state).

One cool thing about waiting in lines in Taipei: you always meet the most interesting people! This time, I met three people from Hong Kong who told me they were “criminals”! Actually they work for Red Robot Labs on a game called “Life is Crime”! Now I’m literally (and virtually) a “typhoon gurl”!

Taipei Typhoon Gurl

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  1. Suzi Kamin
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 18:16:42

    Hey Typhoon Gurl – glad you survived the storm. It has been a rainy wet summer here – and the hurricane season just started. Thank goodness they are staying below Cuba at this time. Take care. Suzi


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