More crazy signs…

Here we go again! They make it soooo easy.

At the Museum of Modern Art:


I think the writers meant well, but this poor map isn’t going anywhere.

At the Renai and Dunhua circle advertising a recent event:

I guess the quickest way to get the party started is to leave the verbs at home!

I guess the quickest way to get the party started is to leave the verbs at home!

On the MRT; I know they meant well but…


One never knows when a band of ill-fitting pants might attack!

For those who love to drink and drive legally:


Mmmm, love me some beer-flavored chocolate bars. Maybe someone got confused about which type of bars these were associated with?

See what I mean?

World’s most expensive coffee

You might look at cat poo in a different light after tasting what is undeniably the most expensive cuppa joe in the world! You have probably heard of it and this weekend, I and some friends, got to try it at Taipei’s Tea, Coffee, and Wine Expo. While most coffee dealers were doling out their wares for free, the folks who create Kopi Luwak typically charge 680NT (nearly 20USD) for a thimble-sized taste. Luckily, for this event, it only cost us 100NT, or about half the cost of the tallest Starbucks offering.

This unusual java originates on the island of Java and Sumatra (Indonesia), home to a civit-like animal: the luwak, whose favorite meal is ripe red coffee “cherries”. Down the hatch they go, and of course you know where they end up. After being collected and sanitized, they are roasted and ground, to be enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs.

A caffeinated afternoon!

A caffeinated afternoon!

Was it worth the price? Yes – if only to say we’d tried it. Would I pay 100USD for 200grams of the stuff? Uh…no.


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