Back in Taiwan

Dad and I

Dad and I

I missed both NYE and any New Year celebration; I was in-flight, on my way back from the US (my flight left at 2:30pm on the 31st and arrived in TPE at 9:15 pm on the 1st). I heard that the 101 fireworks show this year was lovely. Watch it here: .

After the stress and family drama of my Mom’s death, vigil, and funeral, it was a relief to be able to spend some alone time with my Dad, who is working his way through the grieving process. Many thanks to everyone who expressed condolences, both on- and offline. Mom always made the holiday season special for the family so it was understandable when Dad didn’t want to spend it in their home. Instead, we went north to visit his sister and having a relaxing, if somewhat subdued, Christmas. I really have to admire my Dad for hanging in there, especially since he’s also dealing with his own health issues.

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