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If you haven’t yet discovered the abandoned-winery-reinvented-as-a-creative-park, otherwise known as Huashan1914, you’re in for a treat! I recently attended a weekend-long event in one of the renovated spaces, which happened to coincide with the opening of a fun cafe/laser printing shop aptly called FabCafe.

FabCafe owners

FabCafe owners

Co-founder Tim Wong has created an inviting atmosphere where you can not only get made-to-order sandwiches and drinks, they have a great selection of homemade baked goods (the whoopie pies and mexican wedding cakes are my favorites).
Whoopie pies and cupcakes

Whoopie pies and cupcakes

The decor has a clean, Scandanavian look with chairs custom-designed by a local artist to seat patrons comfortably and then be stored on wall-mounted pegs.
Furniture as art

Furniture as art

Should you happen to be in the market for 3D art, they also have a state-of-the-art laser printer, which you can see in action while waiting for your order. Rev up your creative abilities and refresh your senses, all in one hip space.

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