I’d just gotten back upstairs to the apartment (after taking the trash to the garbage truck) and was watching Terra Nova when it happened! I heard a grating noise and then I felt (and saw) the room shake! Having experienced other earthquakes (most notably soCal and WA state) I was fairly certain I knew what was going on. A quick call to a co-worker who lives a few blocks away confirmed it: 5.1 in Yilan @ 11:17pm.

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  1. Aron
    Nov 28, 2011 @ 08:47:10

    You might want to bookmark this website:

    Clicking the “Earthquakes” link (the fourth item on the list on the left side of the window), and then selecting “Earthquake Report” (the first item on the expanded list that appears next) shows a running tally of the quakes that have struck Taiwan so far this year.

    In other words, earthquakes happen so frequently that the government tracks them on the official WEATHER website.


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