I’d just gotten back upstairs to the apartment (after taking the trash to the garbage truck) and was watching Terra Nova when it happened! I heard a grating noise and then I felt (and saw) the room shake! Having experienced other earthquakes (most notably soCal and WA state) I was fairly certain I knew what was going on. A quick call to a co-worker who lives a few blocks away confirmed it: 5.1 in Yilan @ 11:17pm.

Chunghwa update…

After I’d signed up for Chunghwa telephone services and requested a bill be sent in English, I received a nice, if grammatically incorrect (I believe it began “Dear Sir”), letter from them informing me that they would send me a bill in English.

Since I thought they’d want to know (the letter was signed by Chunghwa’s president) I sent back a note with my suggestions for a correctly- (I didn’t use that word) written letter they could use for future English-speaking customers. I also included my business card so that they’d know I knew how to write a letter in English! I thought that would be the end of it.

Today, via REGISTERED mail, I received a letter from Chunghwa’s president, addressing me by name and thanking me for my “valuable” assistance:

“We especially appreciate the information and advice you have shared with us. It is our great pleasure to know that you enjoy our services. Once again, we highly appreciate your kindness.”

That was nice of them/him.  I feel I should frame this letter. (Darn it, why didn’t I save the original letter?!) Does this mean that my MOD won’t go out on the next scheduled holiday?

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