Preparing to return home

In just a few days I’ll be heading back over the ocean, headed to the country I left 8 months ago, to work in Taiwan. I’ve been writing about my experiences here on this happy, friendly island westerners seem to confuse with Thailand!

I think about what I’ve missed (in addition to the obvious – friends and family and my sweet little conure, Neptune):

  • an oven
  • a “large” refridgerator
  • a clothes dryer
  • licorice (strangely, the Taiwanese don’t like this healthy treat)
  • my car

And what I really like here:

  • how well behaved, honest, polite,¬†and self-disciplined people are
  • no tipping – ever!
  • the plastic covering on cups that prevents spilling
  • the HUGE variety of really inexpensive food
  • the HUGE variety of restaurants
  • how safe it is to walk everywhere any time of night/day
  • the amount of fun activities available within walking distance
  • walking
  • the reliability of public transportation
  • how inexpensive any form of transportation is
  • the different shopping districts
  • my apartment
  • Temples are on nearly on every block
  • the all-you-can-watch movie theater
  • the fact that I can pay ALL my bills in a single hour, every month
  • incredible customer service

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