actual sunshine

No one told me, prior to coming to Taipei, that winter is – how to put this nicely? – rather dreary. Day after day of no sun. To be fair, there is often no rain as well, but just as often it does rain. And, it gets COLD. It’s exciting to see the sun this time of year. It means it’ll only take one day to dry my clothes on the line, instead of the standard 3 days, during the worst of the weather.

This week, it’s been balmy with a few well-placed clouds during the day and a slight breeze in the evening – plus nearly no humidity (less-than-usual anyway). Lovely! Perfect weather! Wish it would last a while but I hear that the thermometer is taking a dip downward this weekend again. Guess I’d better get my laundry done…

Judy’s Yoga Boot Camp

One of the perks of living in Asia is the focus most folks have on health: healthy eating, exercising, meditating. One of the perks my employer offers is daily, on-site yoga classes. In theory, it sounds great. In reality, the classes are populated with lithe young things who probably came out of the womb in “downward dog” and taught by what I can only call buddhist drill instructors! I try, I really do, to work my body into the various poses, concentrating on breathing and not on the pain induced by unnatural positions. (How do they do it?!) I comfort myself by thinking, “just keep at it and eventually it’ll get easier”… I hope I’m right!

So happy to be back…

in Taiwan!

The time in the States went by too quickly.

Packing up the house was as big of a pain as it sounds like. Dealing with the mover and storage place, also painful. (Shoulda gone back to the place in Tallahassee I used for the years I was in CA.) Seeing my friends was nice. Getting to spend time with my birdie dearest was nice. Spending a week in Charleston was wonderful! (If you’re ever there, check out the Pink Dolphin B&B in Summerville – amazing homemade breakfasts and some of the most cordial innkeepers you’ll ever meet.)  I was happy to see how well my folks and children are doing. Of course, the highlight of the entire trip was getting to spend time with my grandchildren! Can I just brag? Seriously, they are each one more adorable than the next!

It was heartwrenching to hear the oldest ask me “Gramma, why do you have to go?”.  And then I remember the relationship I had with my own grandmothers. Neither of them lived  near by and I saw them infrequently, but I always felt close to them. Now, the necklace Oma gave me once many years ago, makes sense. It was a series of small silver hearts on a silver chain with a word on each heart: forget, me, not.


Sticker Shock

In the months that I’ve been overseas, either a lot has changed (not for the better) or perhaps things were so bad on a regular basis that individual events did not register. I went to buy groceries and was stunned to find that oatmeal packets now cost 4.09! The chocolate peanut butter wafers I like went from 99 cents to 1.79! And gas? Anywhere from 3.41/gallon to 4.62 (in soCal). What is going on? As a former collegue of mine put it: “death by a thousand paper cuts”. Guess I’d better buy some bandages – while I can still afford ’em!

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