Judy’s Yoga Boot Camp

One of the perks of living in Asia is the focus most folks have on health: healthy eating, exercising, meditating. One of the perks my employer offers is daily, on-site yoga classes. In theory, it sounds great. In reality, the classes are populated with lithe young things who probably came out of the womb in “downward dog” and taught by what I can only call buddhist drill instructors! I try, I really do, to work my body into the various poses, concentrating on breathing and not on the pain induced by unnatural positions. (How do they do it?!) I comfort myself by thinking, “just keep at it and eventually it’ll get easier”… I hope I’m right!

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  1. savasana addict
    Mar 30, 2012 @ 08:47:27

    Oh it will get easier! Besides, competition is not really the point in yoga, they might be more flexible, but that doesn’t make them “better” yogis 🙂
    Enjoy your practice!


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