So happy to be back…

in Taiwan!

The time in the States went by too quickly.

Packing up the house was as big of a pain as it sounds like. Dealing with the mover and storage place, also painful. (Shoulda gone back to the place in Tallahassee I used for the years I was in CA.) Seeing my friends was nice. Getting to spend time with my birdie dearest was nice. Spending a week in Charleston was wonderful! (If you’re ever there, check out the Pink Dolphin B&B in Summerville – amazing homemade breakfasts and some of the most cordial innkeepers you’ll ever meet.)  I was happy to see how well my folks and children are doing. Of course, the highlight of the entire trip was getting to spend time with my grandchildren! Can I just brag? Seriously, they are each one more adorable than the next!

It was heartwrenching to hear the oldest ask me “Gramma, why do you have to go?”.  And then I remember the relationship I had with my own grandmothers. Neither of them lived  near by and I saw them infrequently, but I always felt close to them. Now, the necklace Oma gave me once many years ago, makes sense. It was a series of small silver hearts on a silver chain with a word on each heart: forget, me, not.


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