Crazy Taiwanese signs

Everywhere you look, there are Mandarin characters; you can’t escape them – and no, I don’t mean the people! Every so often, someone has attempted to translate these lovely symbols into English, sometimes with hilarious results! I’ve been collecting samples of these little faux pas for over a year now so allow me to start sharing them with you…

After a long day at work, who couldn’t use a little extra Prozac?

Mmmm, after the Prozac kicks in, I’ll bet this synthetic candy tastes pretty darn good!

I’m not really sure who these snacks are supposed to appeal to….maybe people who want to look good nude?

And if the “nude” pretzels don’t do it for you, you can always try this exotic-flavored popcorn as a treat.

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  1. Suzi Kamin
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 16:37:37

    So amusing! You know there are magazines that pay people for submitting amusing items like Readers Digest. You should look around and submit some of your amusing tales of adventure and translated signs – pay for your next ticket home!!

    I am planning a trip to Colorado to see Sandi this winter. Wish I could afford to come see you.

    Miss you



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