Thanksgiving in Taipei

As you might guess, it’s just another workday for us here in Taiwan; at least the sun is shining!  Also, very few people have an oven so no turkey this year! I think Wellcome had some whole turkeys for sale last week but I walked right on past. (I haven’t had turkey in years, seeing as I’m vegetarian but still, it’s the thought.)

When I got home yesterday, a note (in Chinese, of course) appeared in my mailbox. On my way to work this morning I stopped by the 106 post office on Anhe and showed them the note. I was made to understand that something from meiguo (may-goo-ow), America, was sent to me. Apparently, whatever it was, was on a truck out for delivery so the clerk called the driver and had the delivery guy return to the post office. Such great customer service! Turned out to be a wonderful basket of dried fruit from my parents. What great timing! I took the basket to work to put on the “feeding” table and sent the following message (a co-worker composed it) in Chinese:

 我的家人從加州寄了一份水果籃要和大家分享,感恩節快樂!My family sent a fruit basket from California to share with everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

 Needless to say, it was devoured by my hungry co-workers (and me)! A happy day indeed!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

More musings on life in Taiwan

Although I’ve been walking to and from work for several months, people still stare up at me like I’m a creature from another planet. If I catch their eye, I will smile at them and it takes them a few milliseconds to realize I come in peace and they smile back.

As I passed the Palace HD Hotel (not sure what the HD stands for) on Anhe, I noticed a funny sign out front. At first all I could read was “SEX” and as I got closer, I could see it read “SEX &  CITY”. I’m guessing they mean to pay homage to the popular TV series and movies starring SJP et al. What’s funny about it is that the Taiwanese are outwardly very conservative and the fact that they don’t seem to understand that such a sign, so close to a hotel has a, shall we say, unintended meaning for English speakers.

this is hilarious!

The women’s magazines here all come shrinkwrapped with all sorts of goodies inserted as “bonus” gifts. Sometimes it’s full-sized beauty products and sometimes a PILE of samples. I love it! (The German magazines have the best FREE stuff in ’em!)

What can you use to decorate your walls that doesn’t have to be painted over when you want to change your color scheme? Paper tape from Japan, of course! What a fun idea!

Bill paying, Taiwan style: take your bills – ALL of them – into the nearest 7-11, smile, hand the clerk the bills and some money and within seconds, it’s done. Done. DONE. For the entire month! (Most folks get paid once a month.)

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