NHI and newcomers

I got my NHI card today – that’s National Health Insurance for you out in blogland. This means that for around 1500NT (50 USD) per month, I’m able to go any doctor or dentist (Western or Chinese style) accepting this insurance  for a 4.00US co-pay! Wow! Guess I’d better get going on the dental work I’ve put off for years (thanks to Melaleuca for keeping my teeth and gums healthy in the meantime). Interestingly enough, they include your birth date YEAR as a number representing how many years Taiwan had been a nation at the time of your birth (mine = 46).

We welcomed a new team member today with a welcome lunch at a lovely vegetarian restaurant: King Join.

King Join Restaurant

The meal was 4 courses served by white-gloved wait staff onto a lazy susan in the middle of the table. You are going to love this: dessert was also 4 courses, with the final one being hawthorne berry gelee, complete with an actual hawthorne blossom,  served over a bed of dry ice. What an unusual effect – and I don’t usually eat anything  jello-y.

Hawthorne Gelee

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