The Big Band Theory

Who knew that techie, geeky types were also so musically inclined (wink, wink)?

an empty stage

Remember the Battle of the Bands they used to do in High School? Picture that, in a more intimate setting (no giant, reverb-prone gym) with a really well-behaved audience (no drinking or drugs or rowdiness), a wide variety of music (rock, hard rock, ACID rock, pop, and christian, plus popular Chinese tunes), and musicians that looked more like they walked off the pages of  GQ than Rolling Stone, and you’ll get the gist of TBBT.

A clever take on a popular television show’s title, this past weekend’s TBBT showcased 10 bands with varying degrees of experience and talent. Some of musicians looked like rock stars, others like hipster schoolkids. It was good fun, and definitely LOUD! My favorite though, was a Taiwan band playing and singing Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”!

Other than the slightly accented words, it was a dead-on rendition of a classic rock cover. Ironically, very few, if any, in the audience, were even alive when the song was released in late 1971, but for me, it sure brought back some happy memories.

rock on!

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