Asiana flight 204

No, I wasn’t on the ill-fated flight into SFO last week, but I did take a similar flight (OZ204) from Seoul to LAX on a 777-200 and was seated at the rear of the aircraft (row 40 of 44). The A330 out of Taipei was an amazing flight (details to follow on a later post). It’s a long flight any way you slice it and the severe turbulence halfway through the first meal service was just plain scary.

Trays dropped, people screamed and got sick. At one point it appeared that the back third of the plane was bent downwards. I really thought the plane was going to break apart. What was scarier still is seeing the cabin crew’s faces when they were (apparently) asked to discontinue the meal service and strap into their jump seats. Needless to say, we made it safely to LAX.

Will I ever fly Asiana again? Probably, as long as it’s not aboard a 777 routed through Seoul.

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