7-11 is my new best friend

After last week’s furniture price shock, I decided to do some comparison shopping for items I’ll need when I move into my apartment (desk, lamp, nightstand, bedding and towels). Typically I’d just head to the nearest Goodwill. No surprise, there are none here. I took the MRT 2 stations away to Momo (formerly AsiaWorld) to check out Piin (6th floor for furniture. 5th for towels and sheets) and back to the Daan station Sogo Department Store entrance. Piin’s furniture looked a lot like what I’d been shown (at twice the price) on Tong Gua’s furniture row.  How difficult could it be to find a desk that can double as a table? I will still check out IKEA and Costco for my home furnishings!  Sogo has all sorts of well-known brands (Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Calvin Klein) but unfortunately, no sizes for regular-sized folks (size 8 are the largest in women’s shoes, size 10 the largest in women’s pants!) and very few sales staff that understand/speak English! On the way back , I’d nearly exhausted my EasyCard. I stopped into 7-11 and got it refilled and refueled myself with SoyJoy bars.

Day 4 am

Has it only been four days since landing on this island?!

Dinner last night. After having been diligent about trying new country’s foods (minus the carbs) I had a craving for PIZZA! I checked online and found that yes, there is indeed a Pizza Hut (several) in Taipei. I checked out their menu: http://www1.pizzahut.com.tw/English/news/sidedish.asp and selected a Vegi Delight pizza (w/o the BBQ sauce) along with a Stick Salad and Egg Tart – all for around 12.00! (Darn it, they didn’t have the Stick Salad, but the pizza and egg tart were delish!) I guess no matter how adventurous one is, if familiar (food) items are available, they are an attractive alternative to local delicacies.

Taipei Pizza Hut

Several of my co-workers gave me their phone number and encouraged me to call so my adventure for today is using the phone (hey, that isn’t always as straightforward as it may sound!).  Oh, and I’m gonna see what the scoop is on doing laundry locally (rather than paying the Hotel to do it for me).

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