Will the rain ever stop?

No one told me that “Winter” in Taiwan consists mainly of lowered temperatures, high humidity,  and non-stop RAIN. Ugh! Ok, not completely non-stop. I think last Monday night the rain stopped long enough so that I didn’t need an umbrella (a handy little Totes, one of the two smartest items I brought with me from the States) on my walk home from work. Seriously, if I’d wanted to live in a world of grey and green, I’d have moved to Seattle! On the upside though, I do find the sound of raindrops soothing while I’m indoors… and oddly, the wet weather doesn’t seem to affect the multitude of bicyclists and scooter drivers clogging the roadways. They cover up with colorful full-body rain gear and take each kilometer in stride.


I wake up to the sound of rain – not the driving pre-typhoon kind, but a wind-blown spattering of drops on the ground, and people, below. The sky is grey and I can see the leaves on the trees on the balcony across the alley and the lanterns hung across the street below moving in rhythm with each other. It’s still quiet out; I smile, remembering that it’s Sunday and that I can sleep in and do a bit of reading (currently David Gunderson’s The Other) before having to clean the apartment and do laundry (my second least-favorite chore).

I do a lot of thinking in my many solitary moments. Some of it practical (how my family and friends are doing back home) and some of it esoteric (the similarities between the native Taiwanese peoples and the native Americans; how people can have so little, by Western standards, and still be so content) or even “deep” (what is the true essence of a family, how we are all connected on some level).

I open my curtains and watch the sky. Now, instead of just a covering of grey, I can discern subtle color changes in the clouds and even variations of the light coming through them. I feel a bit guilty for laying here when I know I should be DOING something useful. I rationalize: I’m following my own admonishment to become more aware of  my surroundings. So, while the buildings aren’t, at first glance, beautiful, they do, after a while, exhibit a staid solidness, as if they know their place in the organization of things. I suppose that part of my journey half-way ’round the world signifies a vision quest of sorts. My place in the world appears to change from time-to-time and I’m okay with that. It feels right to just BE here. Perhaps I have something to offer that will leave a positive mark on my environment.  I know without a doubt that what I’m learning from each new experience is enriching who I am and necessarily changing how I view and interact with my surroundings…

I see laundry swaying on balconies and am reminded of my own chores. The spell is broken and I start my day.

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