Day 36 pm

I was walking a friend to the bus stop after returning from our furniture shopping trip (read: left work, walked down and across Tunhua to the bus stop, rode the 906 20 minutes to IKEA, loaded up a shopping cart with – what else? –  IKEA stuff, which was stuffed into a giant Costco bag, lugged up several flights of stairs to catch a cab home, and up five flights of stairs) and we took a short cut through the night market (read: a teeming mass of people buying, selling and moving VERY slowly through a quarter-mile long corridor of sights and sounds and smells) when we noticed many of the vendors covering their booths and pushing them (it was still prime selling time) quickly towards the street. It turns out, many of the vendors aren’t registered and the police were cracking down on them. Ouch!

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