Hello world!

Join me on my adventure as I travel to a land once known as “Formosa”.  It still exists today, though it’s known by a different name: Taiwan.

When I began entertaining thoughts of living and working in Taiwan, I looked online for recent information on the local culture and came up blank. I checked out Craigslist Taiwan (yes, there really is such a thing) and several expat sites. I scoured travel blogs and online travel magazines and found a nugget or two here and there. Whatever the reason for this dearth of information (perhaps those living in  Taiwan want to keep their lovely island home a secret?), it has prompted me to create this blog.

Hang on, as I prepare to have my life turned upside down – and dare to share the ensuing wild ride with you. 

I have a million questions. 

If you have answers, or just want to relate any Taiwan travel stories, tips, tricks, or “gotchas” about living in Taiwan, or heck, even a restaurant recommendation – don’t hesitate to holler! At the fuzzy front end of this voyage of discovery, I’ll take any and all information (related to Taiwan) you’re willing to pass along.

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As for me, I will take the road less travelled…