Day 2 am

It’s 3 am and I’m wide awake. I was having a strange dream and woke up. The room is quiet, no traffic noise from the street below my window. I made some tea and had a protein bar, thinking that might help me get back to sleep but no. I’m awake. I read a bit (The Little Princes, about an orphanage in Nepal) and then look out the window. It is light outside, Taipei 101 looks closer now. Low, gray clouds hang over the skyline. Yesterday we heard that there might be a typhoon headed our way but for now, all is calm. After breakfast, I will ask the front desk to map a walking route to work and call that my workout. Maybe I’ll try to sleep some more, until my 0600 wake up call…

Clouds over downtown Taipei

Day 1 pm

Taipei 101 from my hotel room

No jet lag….yet! My taxi driver dropped me off several blocks from my building but no matter, it was a beautiful day in Taipei: a slight breeze offsetting the rising heat and humidity. My head is spinning with all the new input I received today. I met many of my new team members and began the on-boarding process, complete with gifts!  What a happy change from a previous job incarnation! At lunchtime, my new boss took me to a great little restaurant and ordered for me. I had a cabbage salad, another consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, and cucumber, and “hot pot” – tofu, assorted veggies, and rice noodles swimming in a bubbling broth – yum! The green tea was delish, as was the tea served with lime (!) at the end of the meal. Maybe I was just HUNGRY but everything tasted fresh. After lunch, I had to have photos made (for the national insurance and ARC cards). The shop must have Photoshopped the pics because they look good! lol Midafternoon break consisted of a quick trip to a local tea shop (I ordered passion fruit tea). Why does everything taste so good here??! More friendly co-workers introduced themselves. Got some great advice on looking for local housing: by translating a real estate site from Chinese-to-English (using Google’s free Chrome product) I can find better deals. I hit the wall about 1830 and made it back to the hotel just as it was getting dark. I was told that sunset is typically around the same time every day – good to know! I also learned that I can see Taipei 101 from my hotel window.

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