Day 4 am

Has it only been four days since landing on this island?!

Dinner last night. After having been diligent about trying new country’s foods (minus the carbs) I had a craving for PIZZA! I checked online and found that yes, there is indeed a Pizza Hut (several) in Taipei. I checked out their menu: and selected a Vegi Delight pizza (w/o the BBQ sauce) along with a Stick Salad and Egg Tart – all for around 12.00! (Darn it, they didn’t have the Stick Salad, but the pizza and egg tart were delish!) I guess no matter how adventurous one is, if familiar (food) items are available, they are an attractive alternative to local delicacies.

Taipei Pizza Hut

Several of my co-workers gave me their phone number and encouraged me to call so my adventure for today is using the phone (hey, that isn’t always as straightforward as it may sound!).  Oh, and I’m gonna see what the scoop is on doing laundry locally (rather than paying the Hotel to do it for me).

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As for me, I will take the road less travelled…