Day 25 pm Everything Yingge

Sunday morning at breakfast, the hotel’s restaurant was crowded. I was sitting alone in a 4-spot when a nice young woman asked politely if she and her companion could sit with me. Certainly I said. When I heard her companion speak, I asked if he was German (he is). We had the nicest conversation and I invited them to go to Yingge today and they agreed to go! While waiting at the Taipei main station to meet my co-worker and his girlfriend, I watched a group of “oldsters” in matching uniforms doing TaiChi in unison. Suddenly we could hear a raised voice: a man was upset, saying (in Chinese) that he’d waited too long in the ticket line. Talk about both ends of the “peaceful” spectrum!  Next, we took a 30-minute TRA train ride to Yinnge. Total cost of trip: 14 + 31 = 45NT (1.50 US) one-way.

In Yingge, the section of town where most of the pottery shops are located is a 15 (steamy) minute walk from the railway station.

Walking to Yingge

On the way we passed little stores, fruit stands, and the ever-present parked scooters. Mostly we walked like locals (on the street vs. the sidewalk) mainly because there are no sidewalks! The pottery area is like a Disneyland for art lovers! Tea shops with pots and cups in every shape, size, and color, shops with all sorts of plants and the pots to put them in, pottery flutes, plates and bowls of every type, mass-produced items from Japan and items created by well-known local artists.

Everything pottery related can be found in Yingge!

Yingge Pottery

I managed to find some plates, bowls, and cups in one shop, and a wonderful large pottery bowl I’ll use to hold fruit, in another. Our last stop of the day was a lovely shop selling both higher end pottery pieces and coffee, tea, and cheesecake. Soothing music, interesting discussion, with two delightful couples, on all sorts of topics, and then…sigh, back to the hotel on public transportation. NOTE: At the MRT station I noticed that there were all sorts of live plants adjacent to the escalator, with 3 employees literally washing each leaf on every plant! Amazing!

Day 25 am

From the ridiculous to the sublime: the plan for Saturday was to head to start moving into my apartment and purchase some much-needed items at Costco. One MRT and one bus ride later  (costing less than 10 cents US!) one of my co-workers and I were outside of RT-Mart and Costco. Looking at the ROWS of scooters outside of each, it wasn’t tough to figure out that both stores were mobbed – and you know much much I love teeming crowds in enclosed places – NOT! At any rate, we started at RT-Mart to look for some basic items I’ll need once I move out of the hotel. One hair dryer, two laundry-drying hangers, and several cleaning items later we were headed, bags in hand, to Costco.  One thing to keep in mind here is the size and weight of items being purchased as they must be toted everywhere until you get home. Also: in most stores,  you pay (10NT) to use a shopping cart. At Costco it’s free! (Funny how it’s the little things that stand out in any new experience!) At Costco I found an electric tea kettle, water filter pitcher, and lovely fluffy towels made in India. Interestingly, the folks here speak Chinese but you’ll be hard pressed to find many made in China items for sale.

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