Day 14 pm

Come on, WordPress, answer your email! I’ve attempted to insert a photo into one of my posts (just like I did the others) and for some reason, after half a dozen tries, it wouldn’t take.

On another topic, I went to the gym today and got a little shock: I went into the “dressing room” to change and found that there were two types of stalls. One with a shower (which flooded the other stalls in the same row) and one with a toilet in the floor (say what?).  Needless to say I was rather perplexed and definitely disgusted. Ugh. Live and learn….

On a happier and healthier note, I found a little “Organic Mart” close to the hotel. They have a wide assortment of fresh fruits (most of which I recognize) , organic fresh juices,  and take out bowls. The bowls consist of various veggies and seaweed – tonight’s offering was some sort of grape vines, enoki mushrooms, shredded carrots, and a form of seaweed in a light dressing. YUM!

Day 14 am

Yesterday I hit the wall! Two weeks in-country and all the inputs finally collided; I felt the full weight of making such a drastic change! I knew it would happen, but not when or how. Mainly I just felt frustrated all day, which is inevitable when you take everything you’ve known and turn it on its end. In Taiwan, everything looks, sounds, and tastes different. Yes folks are super friendly and helpful but there are, of course, those little “gotchas”, little details that, when added together, can feel heavy indeed. Is this how our immigrants forefathers felt? Americans are definitely a minority in Taiwan, a curiousity. Even though I’ve never been one to blend in, I can see how that might be a good thing in a foreign country. I’ve become a “stranger in a strange land”. But as my wise youngest daughter says “This [feeling] too shall pass.”

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