Another Saturday in Taipei

I’m drinking my ginger puerh tea from Muji, thinking about my day. It’s been long, but lots of fun.

It’s Saturday here in Taipei and I had an Internations meeting at 11am. After that, I stopped at an antiques mall and had fun checking out all the new, old stuff. Then, a fun dental appointment (the dentist is the wife of a co-worker) and met up with a friend for dinner at an amazing vegetarian place: The Art of Food. Next door to the restaurant is the teahouse owned by my friend Victor. I’m so glad I stopped in today since he’s leaving for India tomorrow; he’s going to Darjeeling on a tea buying trip!

Happy Birthday InterNations!

In the spirit of global cultural exchange, an international organization with a thriving branch here in Taiwan is celebrating its 5th birthday. InterNations is an invitation-only expatriate community present in over 300 cities worldwide. It was designed for “people living and working abroad” to connect with each and with all ╩║global minds╩║. Each month, local events are held which bring both expats and locals together in a fun and festive environment. The website: is a wealth of information for anyone contemplating a move anywhere in the world! Here you’ll find “Expat Guides”, “Expat Magazine”, and links to information and InterNations events held around the globe. In Taipei, we are fortunate to have our very own chapter: , led by Francis Morris of El Salvador. I met up with Francis recently at a monthly DinnerNations evening held at Kunming Islamic restaurant. (Talk about a mini-UN!) When I arrived I knew only one other person and by the end of the meal, I’d not only made some new friends, we had already planned a get-together for the following weekend!

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