Take off!

Yesterday was my last full day in the States! Seeing my children and grandchildren the past few days was wonderful!

I puttered around with my parents and attempted to handle last-minute details: talking with the customs broker in SFO, arranging a shuttle to LAX, printing out hotel and work information (in case my driver doesn’t speak English). After dinner, my Mom helped me pack – she somehow managed to shoehorn all my stuff from three suitcases into two! I tried checking in online with China Airlines but was missing a code on my Delta itinerary (I’d booked my flights through Delta; CI is one of their partners.) The Delta representative tried to explain how my itinerary says Delta but the flight is operated by CI – all I care about is that I have a seat on a plane (please, please, please let them change it to one with more leg room!) headed to Taipei and that it arrives safely!

After packing, I weighed the suitcases – ouch! One is just under 50 lbs and one is definitely OVER! The airline representative told me that 51-70 lbs over will cost an additional 50.00. Heck, I should try to shove more into my Samsonites…

I think I’m prepared….but who knows! I’ve got all my paperwork in order and hopefully I’ll be able to make it through Taiwanese customs with all my items intact! It’s a sobering feeling knowing that all support systems I’ve relied on in the past will be…in the past! I’ve still got my wits and sense of humor – and really, isn’t this the essense of adventure? I explained to the ‘rents that it’s like one of those cooking shows: you have a basket in front of you and are required to create a meal. You won’t know what ingredients you’ll be using until the basket is opened. So that’s me: getting ready to open the basket and make something wonderful out of whatever is inside.

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