Day 1 pm

Taipei 101 from my hotel room

No jet lag….yet! My taxi driver dropped me off several blocks from my building but no matter, it was a beautiful day in Taipei: a slight breeze offsetting the rising heat and humidity. My head is spinning with all the new input I received today. I met many of my new team members and began the on-boarding process, complete with gifts!  What a happy change from a previous job incarnation! At lunchtime, my new boss took me to a great little restaurant and ordered for me. I had a cabbage salad, another consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, and cucumber, and “hot pot” – tofu, assorted veggies, and rice noodles swimming in a bubbling broth – yum! The green tea was delish, as was the tea served with lime (!) at the end of the meal. Maybe I was just HUNGRY but everything tasted fresh. After lunch, I had to have photos made (for the national insurance and ARC cards). The shop must have Photoshopped the pics because they look good! lol Midafternoon break consisted of a quick trip to a local tea shop (I ordered passion fruit tea). Why does everything taste so good here??! More friendly co-workers introduced themselves. Got some great advice on looking for local housing: by translating a real estate site from Chinese-to-English (using Google’s free Chrome product) I can find better deals. I hit the wall about 1830 and made it back to the hotel just as it was getting dark. I was told that sunset is typically around the same time every day – good to know! I also learned that I can see Taipei 101 from my hotel window.

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