Day 3 pm

After breakfast and a nice long nap (still getting adjusted to the time zone difference) I decide to venture out, despite the weather. The hotel staff surprise me by saying it’s an easy walk to Taipei 101 when I ask them about it. (Usually they recommend a taxi for everything!) I take my camera and dress in layers, which I realize was a mistake the minute I step outside – it’s so humid. I am gonna love it here!

Approaching Taipei 101 from Xinyi Rd.

Along the street people are walking, riding bikes, scooters. Cars and taxis dart across streets, barely missing pedestrians. It’s a wonderful cacophony of sights, sounds, and smells. 40 minutes later I’m going up the escalator to the Observatory but it’s closed until the end of the month. Guess I’ll have to console myself with shopping the mall (5 floors of super high-end stores, many I recognize).

Taipei mall

I head straight to Godiva where 2 truffles set me back 8.00 USD! They wrapped them up so beautifully I suppose it’s worth it. I find the food court – wow! NOTHING like back home. I almost succombed to McDonalds, just to get a happy meal toy! The choices are pretty wide-ranging: sushi, hotpot, all sorts of stuff I had no idea what it was because the menus are all in Chinese; I ended up getting some fresh veggie juice (2.75 USD). I noticed an Aveda salon and made a mani-pedi appointment for next Saturday. I bought a book at the bookstore (20% off) which cost as much as the two chocolates; I’m still getting the hang of figuring out how to convert NT into USD to figure out the price. NOTE: must find a used book store! On the way back to the hotel, I stopped for coffee (1.50 USD) at 7-11. Each coffee cup has a “2-point” sticker on it; if you save enough of them, you get a lovely piece of Beatrix Potter china. I see a little flower stand and stop in. I ask if the vendor speaks English; no, she motions, so I pantomime what I’d like.  Two pink roses, two ivory chyrsanthemums, some greens, all wrapped up for less than 6.00 USD. Now I need to figure out what to do for dinner…

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