Day 10 am

Yesterday was apparently international day. My collegues took me out for a “Welcome” lunch to an Italian restaurant recommended by the foodies in the group. I had swordfish topped with a delicioso salsa! As each person’s order was brought out, several co-workers took photos of each plate to post onto Flkr – now that’s hardcore foodie! Afterwards, I was introducted to gem of a bakery: “Boite de Bijou” (Jewel Box). Wow! Gorgeous displays of individual dessert treats, breads, condiments – all tres chic! I selected an assortment of macarons and, in fine Taiwan style, was presented with the most gorgeous box, tied with a brown ribbon. Amazing!

Boite de Bijou box


After work, a group of us jumped on the bus (my first bus ride here) to go grab Mexican food at a little hole-in-wall close to National Taiwan University (NTU). On the way to the park to eat (the place only had 6 seats) my cheese quesadillas, I stumbled upon a GERMAN bakery/restaurant!! I ordered some rose tea, made with rose buds – a beautiful pinkish color, and so  tasty! While I waited for the tea to be made I could not resist the Bienenschtich (bee sting) – yum!

Today I’ll be getting a long-needed mani-pedi at the Aveda salon in Taipei 101 and then…who knows!

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