Day 14 pm

Come on, WordPress, answer your email! I’ve attempted to insert a photo into one of my posts (just like I did the others) and for some reason, after half a dozen tries, it wouldn’t take.

On another topic, I went to the gym today and got a little shock: I went into the “dressing room” to change and found that there were two types of stalls. One with a shower (which flooded the other stalls in the same row) and one with a toilet in the floor (say what?).  Needless to say I was rather perplexed and definitely disgusted. Ugh. Live and learn….

On a happier and healthier note, I found a little “Organic Mart” close to the hotel. They have a wide assortment of fresh fruits (most of which I recognize) , organic fresh juices,  and take out bowls. The bowls consist of various veggies and seaweed – tonight’s offering was some sort of grape vines, enoki mushrooms, shredded carrots, and a form of seaweed in a light dressing. YUM!

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