Taichung Adventure! part 1

Where to begin….I knew I wanted to be onboard the 12:36 HSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) to Taichung (pronounce ty-juhng) which meant I’d have to brave the MRT system. For someone who is directionally (and here, linguistically-challenged) that can be quite an undertaking! I left the hotel at 11:45 headed for Da-an MRT station and used my “Easy Pay” card to enter the terminal. btw, the cost to ride the MRT is ridiculously low, something like 15NT (.50 cents). I got on the train and off at the next stop (Zhongxiao Fuxing) and switched to the blue line headed east to Taipei Main Station. Three stops later, I found my way to the HSR ticket machines, only to find out that all the screens are all in Chinese. Got in another line to buy a ticket from an actual person. 4 minutes later I had a non-reserved ticket to Taiching. Less than an hour later, I was in Taichung taking a taxi to go see a painting!!

Arrival in Taichung

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