Day 26 pm

One day closer to moving! On the way back to the hotel after work, I stopped at a Taipei Dollar store equivalent: items in bins, nothing too expensive, made in Taiwan. I picked up trash bins, the blue bin liners required for trash disposal, and a laundry hamper – oh joy! Next, back to IKEA for bedding and flatware (sleeping and eating are kind of a necessity)! lol

Ya gotta smile seeing this!

Getting there is fairly simple: walk to the Daan metro station, up/down/up the escalator, take the MRT two stops to Nanjing Road East, down/down another escalator, walk 15 minutes to Nanjing and Dunhua, down a flight of stairs and, voila! I’m there! Travelling back with the world’s largest carry out bag stuffed with a duvet set, goose down comforter (not sure I’ll really need that in this heat!), a bathmat, some kitchen towels, a glass pitcher and a flatware set (yeah, those aren’t heavy), some clothespins, and even a shoji lamp and CFLs, wasn’t quite as easy – but I did it! Exhaustion….

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