Day 31 First weekend in Tong Hua

I walked around my new neighborhood with a co-worker last night – she lives nearby – and discovered a theater that plays second-run movies, allows you to bring treats, and lets you see AS MANY movies as you want! Cost: 140NT (less than 3.00 US)! Popcorn and soda: 55NT (1.50US). This morning I watched 2 movies, got popcorn (half salty, half sweet), and as I walked out, they stamped my arm so I could get back in later!! NOTE: while watching the movies (one set in NYC and one in London) and it occurred to me that I was probably the only person in the entire theater (maybe the entire neighborhood) who had been to both places! I really want to go back and see Water for Elephants before heading out (on bus 611, if I can find the bus stop!) to meet some friends for dinner tonight.

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