T minus 14 – planning and packing

OMG, only two weeks before I leave for Taiwan and I’m waiting for my work visa to be issued  by the embassy in Washington DC. If I think about it too much, I’ll stress myself out! I applied at VisaHQ.com (“one-stop shopping for all your visa needs”), included all requisite documents (application, 2 passport photos, passport, offer letter, work permit, and application fee)  so everything should go smoothly, right?. But what if it doesn’t? I can’t think about that now because…

I have two weeks to go before departure and WAY TOO MUCH TO DO!  

Having never lived in the far East, I have no idea what will be available locally. Should I pack everything I think I might need for the next 6 months or just pack a few weeks worth of clothing, accessories, and toiletries until my packages – I still need to contact the custom’s broker – arrive? I know my new work environment has a casual dress policy so I know I don’t need any suits or heels. But honestly one never knows….maybe I should take a dress or saree (or two) just in case.

 I’m 5’11” so I’ve gone a bit overboard on jeans in “Long” and “Tall” sizes. How many pairs of pants will I really end up needing? I’m assuming that nothing will be available on the economy in my size so I plan, write lists, shop, re-write lists, and SHOP. I know I can only take two 50-lb suitcases on the plane so planning is crucial. Or maybe I’m just getting worked up about nothing. Oh, and did I mention that I’m teaching myself how to blog? (The writing is easy; the mechanics of the blog itself are foreign to me!)

 Note to self: get used to feeling like a stranger in a strange land. I wish “grokking” were actually possible!

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