T minus 8

The theory of getting ready for an international move and the reality are really NOT the same! All those little details that seem to escape mention in most travel blogs become abundantly obvious as the days before take off dwindle!

Last week’s big stressor, the visa! Did I send the right information? Would it be approved? Would VisaHQ get it out the door on time? Would Fed Ex actually deliver it? I’m happy to report that a visa was issued (though not the type I’d applied for….hmmm, will have to figure that out in-country) and sent back on schedule. The only glitch being that I had stepped out to verify international wire transfer protocols with my bank when the guy in blue/orange arrived. (Of course!) So I headed to the North Charleston “World Service Center” (a counter manned by a very patient guy and miles of warehouse space). Thanks to good timing and a new car locking mechanism I met the hunkiest Brit on my way out the door (visa in hand). A gurl can look, can’t she?

Packing, packing, and more packing. A word of advice: read the airline’s fine print on the size and weight of allowable luggage (checked and carry on). I bought one of those handy gadgets that clip onto a suitcase handle and within seconds was pleased to realize I’d actually packed LESS than 20 kg (50 lbs) allowed by China Airlines. Whew! Guess I’ll have to figure out how to shoehorn more footwear into them. Now I just have to worry about whether my vitamin supplements and powdered protein drinks will make it through customs.

And the packing continues…

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