T minus 5

My bags are packed, which is a minor miracle considering I left SC Tuesday afternoon, scheduled to fly out of ATL Wednesday evening. I managed to keep them both under 50 lbs; the items must last at least 6 weeks until the boxes I hastily packed Wednesday morning, arrive. I decided to mail my suitcases to SoCal (I fly out of LAX) so as not to have to lug them through the various stops I’m making to visit family before leaving this continent. I hope they make it to CA before I leave.

When I arrive in Taipei, I’m to collect my luggage (sure hope I have luggage to collect!) and make my way to the car rental counter where my “driver” (sure hope he/she speaks or understands English!) is to take me to the Fullerton. My flight is 16+ hours, non-stop on China Airlines (sure hope I can get an aisle, bulkhead, or emergency row seat!). The flight arrives at 8:20pm and I’m curious as to how long it takes to make it through customs. (The last time I had to pass through customs was last year in Belize and that was a breeze. The time before that, when I returned from Germany, took literally hours despite having nothing to declare!) Wish me luck….I’ll let you know what happens.




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