Day 1 am

It’s amazing how good 6 hours of sleep in a HORIZONTAL position feels! After unpacking last night, I sleep like a log! 0630 comes way too early but yet, I was up and headed down to my first Taiwanese breakfast: rice with corn, olives, and tuna – yum! Lots of fried things (tofu, “wheat cake”, something that looked good but I have no clue what it was). They serve a green salad for breakfast, along with fish, an assortment of side dishes (I recognized seaweed) that looked interesting. NOTE: must try new country’s breakfast foods! Thank goodness I’d packed some oatmeal. And I’m eating chocolate like there’s no tomorrow! I worked out in the “gym” (free weights and some cardio equipment). It took me a minute to figure how to get to floor 13, where the gym is located; the elevator only goes up to 12! (Kinda like how I’m feeling this morning.) There’s a rooftop garden even (see below). Wishing I had grabbed my camera from my bag and taken pics on the way from the airport to the hotel last night….oh well. Time to get ready for my first day of WORK!!

Another view from the roof of the Fullerton

Taipei as seen from rooftop garden


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