Day 5 pm

I knew I was in trouble when the taxi driver pulled out a MAGNIFYING GLASS in order to read the 1/2″ high characters indicating the address of the Taipei Zhongshan Hall, where tonight’s screening of “Three Sparrows” was to be shown. He tried to drop me off at the police station (across from the Hall) but eventually asked some passers by where the venue was! (I’m sure the local constabulary would also have been happy to direct me but, best not to chance it!) After opening remarks from the film’s writer/director/producer (in Chinese) and annoying technical difficulties (20 minutes of screeching feedback drowning out the soundtrack) the film played (in Aussie English, thank goodness, with Chinese subtitles). The theater is beautiful inside although I should have asked for a “bulkhead seat” in order to stretch my legs. Sorry, no pics; I wanted to enjoy the show. Afterwards we received free vouchers (I’m guessing to compensate for the late start and audio issues). Taipei at night is quiet colorful: lights, signs, high rises next to ancient temples. And the traffic! Mark my words, NOTHING would induce me to take a chance on a riding a scooter , especially at night!

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