Day 7 am

Ah, apartment hunting in Taipei! In addition to absorbing a new culture, language, and workplace, I’m about to begin the search for a place to live here. I checked out Craigslist Taiwan prior to arrival but it seems their ads cater to “foreigners”, with correspondingly higher prices! I checked out (or attempted to) a website recommended by the locals; the choices are so overwhelming it’s daunting! What should I look for? What do I read into the (translated) wording of the ad? One of my co-workers (fluent in Chinese) has been reviewing ads and sending me those that fit my criteria (walking distance to work, under NT 20,000.) Another has offered to call potential landlords to verify that they do indeed rent to foreigners and to schedule a viewing. Good advice for what to look for abounds! I think my first appointment is tomorrow evening; I’ll let you know how that goes….

Yesterday at breakfast, there was an unfamiliar item on the fresh fruit table. It looked a little like a melon (green rind, pale greenish flesh) so I tried it – OMG, delicious! I asked it’s name: baa-luh (phonetically). I must look for that at night market (when I go!). On my way home from work, I passed a vendor selling cherries – lovely! When I stopped to look, he gave me a sample and said they were from WA state! I bought a small box NT99/unit of measure (NT 500 total = yikes, 16.00 USD ) and he gave me a “discount”. I probably should have bargained but it was worth it for a taste of home! Speaking of taste, tonight I’ll share with you what I’m learning about the restaurant/lone diner experience.

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