Crossing the street, trash cans, and drinking fountains

Two weeks here and the sight of Taipei 101 no longer has the same affect on me. Once inside it’s still thrilling but outside I pay attention to more immediate events. For instance, I nearly got run over by a taxi this morning on the way to work. I was in a CROSSWALK with at least 30 seconds on the green light (they have digital counters to let pedestrians the time between light changes) when a taxi made a right turn into my path. I stopped, held up my hand in a “STOP” motion, and the guy stopped! Unfortunately the folks he was ferrying, they got tossed around!

I went with my boss to look at my new apartment (pics to be posted shortly); he helped me figure out the best route there. At the Tong Gua market I bought a fresh juice drink (cucumber, carrots, apple, and lime) and looked for a place to toss the empty cup – nada, zip, zilch – nothing! Apparently no one wants to pay for garbage removal so there are no public trash containers – also surprising: there isn’t a lot of trash on the ground.

Oh, I forgot to tell you something: at the gym yesterday I wanted some water in between sets. What I found was a water dispenser with flat (yes, that’s what I said) cups. Kinda cool, actually. You have to open the “cup” and hope you don’t overfill it. When you’re done, you simply fold the cup back up. I saved mine!

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