Laundry day

Today’s the day I get acquainted with the washers two floors up!

Washing Machines

I load my laundry into a basket, carry it up four flights of stairs and hope I can remember the instructions for use (all the controls are in Chinese characters). Mistake 1: I did not empty the lint catchers prior to use. I load the dark colored items in one washer and light ones in the other. Mistake 2: I put the new towels in the with dark jeans. 43 minutes later, the washers have finished pumelling my clothes. Next up: figuring out how to hang everything up in order to dry it out. This is when I notice that my dark pants have lint all over them (darn those pesky mesh baskets).  A few minutes later I have my stuff spread out all over one of the drying decks…wonder how long it’ll take to dry? Answer: three hours and four trips up and down – and still several towels aren’t dry yet. Plus, most of my clothing has lint on it and needs to be ironed. There has to be an easier way!! Laundromat?

Laundry drying

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