Trash, trash, and more trash

Well, I finally screwed up my courage and set to pre-sorting my trash in preparation for its disposal. Bright blue bags filled with recycling, organic waste, and just plain trash. I locked my door, walked down five flights of stairs, out three locked doors, turned right down the narrow hallway leading to the street and followed all the good little lemmings also taking their trash to the corner in front of Watsons. There is a 10 minute time window for disposal (2245 – 2255) and you can imagine people did a double-take seeing a tall foreigner holding the official blue bags! I was approached by the gal handling the recycling. I then dumped the gathered organics and ceremoniously dumped them in a big bin. Finally I placed two blue bags directly into the garbage truck while the driver nodded approvingly. Ah, a job well-done!

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